East Ridge Knights


This is the home site of the East Ridge Knights and the SOUTHEAST REGION JR MIDGET CHAMPIONS!

We are a Pop Warner football and cheerleading organization for children ages 6-14 years old.  We are a non profit program focusing on scholastic, character and athletic excellence, in that order.  


Complaint Procedure

The Mid Florida Association Conference Officers are responsible for the smooth operation of the football and cheerleading season.  They are responsible for literally thousands of children and parents.  They are inundated every season with e-mails and phone calls from parents and coaches with questions, concerns or issues relating to the various Associations.

In order to reduce the stress on everyone that makes our league possible we have a very strict procedure on dealing with complaints and issues. This is a reminder to everyone as to whom you should contact in the event of a problem. (Please keep in mind that everyone is a volunteer and while your issue is important to us, we all have other commitments that might take priority)


The first person to contact regarding any issue, concern or question you might have is the Head Coach of your child’s team.  Even if you have a complaint about your Head Coach you must bring it to their attention first.

If you cannot resolve an issue with you Head Coach then you must put the complaint in writing and sign it (email is not acceptable) and bring the letter to the attention of the Cheer Coordinator if your child is a cheerleader or the Football Commissioner if your child is a football player.

 If your issue is not resolved by either of those parties you should address the Association President or Vice Presidents.

So when do you contact Mid Florida Conference Board Members? There are only three people from your Association who can contact Conference, your Association, Football Commissioner, Cheer Coordinator or Vice President.

 If you have an issue that you believe should come to the attention of the Conference, Please do this through one of your three Conference Representatives. If you have a grievance with your Association Board of Directors, then and only then may you submit a FORMAL grievance IN WRITING to the President of Mid Florida Conference.

When do I contact National Pop Warner? Pop Warner doesn't not address local complaints any complaints addressed to them will be delegated back to Mid Florida.  The de fact position is that decisions of the Mid Florida Conference are FINAL! If you contact National, it will be kicked back to the Conference!

ALWAYS try to resolve the issue at lowest point you can and make sure that has been exhausted prior to going up to the next person in the chain.

Remember, your Association Officers are there to make sure that football and cheer teams are run according to the rules; they are NOT there to tell coaches how or who to coach.

Failure to follow this procedure will most likely result in your complaint being unheard or given any consideration at any level.


The following issues or complaints will not be addressed under any circumstances.

Playing time (unless it is less the official records show less than the minimum plays)

Playing positions/ Cheerleading squad positions

Coaching plans i.e. schemes or routines